Thursday, March 11, 2010

Time Out

so heres a painting did for jungs class, its based off one of the thumbnails i did the week before. i had a bit more going on this piece but one of my teachers told me to get rid of it cause it was a bit distracting. i'd love to do more to it like all my other pieces but of course i ran out of time, and due date is due date. but i'll probably revisit this piece in the summer and add a lot more to it. for those who are curious, this piece is a bit about my childhood. i had this chinese lion dancing hat my grandfather gave me when i was really young. my brother was still a baby so i played alot by my self and of course broke many things by accident. i had this little red cape i would always wear with it. it was silk and was used during my parents wedding. in chinese and vietnamese culture they would use a red silk cloth that had some embroider of a dragon and phoenix that guest would sign. so here it is. my original idea was to have a broken shelf that was badly put back together with tape and have the kid in the corner holding the hammer and tape still. so i'll probably do that over this summer and repost this.

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