Thursday, October 22, 2009

Creature Creation for Izzy

i wish i had more to show for this piece, or particular assignment but i don't because i did this piece last minute. i went with a more painterly approach with this piece. and with the amount of time i had. i'm really happy how it turned out. i settled on my thumbs pretty early for this piece. it was a type of dog that had bad eyesight but a great sense of smell. so great that it came with a few extra pairs of nostril. i also gave it a bit bigger than average size ears that stand upright. and i made it kinda look a little like a pig. well we weren't asked to colour this piece, but i have a colour palette in mind for it already. soo i think if i ever get free time i'll go back and paint over this.

Friday, October 16, 2009

magic Cards for Jung Park pt3

well here was my final piece. its fully coloured and in details. i also made some changes to the waterfall which i plan to change again. its a bit boring and plain. i need to make it look more epic. i also left a few people on top of one of the cliffs. i'm planning to change it to some type of sacrificial ceremony, where they toss someone off of the cliff. other than that i was pretty happy where this went. my teacher liked my choice of colours. looking at this and comparing it to my first landscape painting in this class 2 assignments ago. theres a huge difference. i'm glad i'm getting better. i hope i continue to improve at this pace.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Magic Cards for Jung Park pt2

so for this next part of the assignment jung wants us to do 3 colour studies of our chosen landscape. i didn't like the composition i had for the river that i decided to redo it. i kept going over and over with it changing the composition untill i decided to just settle down cause i was running out of time. originally i had a composition where the viewer would be at the edge of of one of the river it self and was about to fall off, in the end i decided to scrap it.